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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2011 1:01am-1:31am PST

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mineberg, orthopedic surgeon. they've been great champions of our plans to build a great hospital at st. luke's, one that will better serve the people of the mission. they came here to express their support. the st. luke's medical executive committee has passed a measure strongly supporting rebuild plans. the four physicians hoped to come here and express their desire, their urge for you to support the plans to better serve their patients and the people of the mission. unfortunately, they had to leave so they asked that their statements be submitted to the public record. thank you very much. >> good evening, supervisors, and mayor's staff. i'm steve wu from tenderloin neighborhood development. we brought a large group of seniors to come speak and many of them had to leave so before they left, we had them sign some petitions so we'll leave them
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here for you. i want to clarify, i think nobody during this whole public comment, has said that they're against this cpmc project. i think that's one important point we should clarify. their stickers say "rebuild cpmc." our stickers say "rebuild cpmc." the only difference is we're trying to achieve the correct path, the right way. the community has been trying for two or three years to reach a community benefits agreement with cpmc. we've repeatedly approached them about meeting with the community and it's been -- it's been very difficult and so when hearing a report back from the mayor's negotiating team and thank you all for staying so late, you know, from the community, we understand how difficult it is to negotiate with this entity. they're very resistant to coming
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to the table. i think it's important to understand that the mayor's staff, if and when they come to an agreement, that it will be through a very large and strong effort but also it will be like moving mountains and that's speaking from experience from the community. and so we hope that when, you know, hopefully if this project, when it reaches the board, you guys can have an extra level of input into the development agreement, especially with regards to meeting the full cpmc's full housing impact with regards to serving their -- increasing their medi-cal and medicare and addressing traffic impacts but also the community is still pushing for community benefits agreement. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> what happened to your card system for speakers?
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president chiu: unfortunately, everyone overwhelmed the line so rather than trying to rearrange that. >> i have a personal request for the board. can you allow some money next year's budget so we have some cushions here for the seats here. i'm getting numb here. president chiu: that's a great idea. >> thank you. my name is kent lamb and we're mechanical contractor from bayview hunter's point and i'm going to make it short, and last year, we got a call from that -- herrera bolt and asked us to be part of the rebuilding team and we've been back and forth with a lot of ideas and i believe that cpmc commitment to local business is not a token effort. they have established 14% local business participation goal. by comparison, san francisco general hospital, has a goal of 7%. i'm not attacking the city here,
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ok. so -- and i personally respect and ask that you to move this project forward so enable us to hire more people and especially san francisco local residents. thank you. good night. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> president chiu, supervisors, al norman, bayview merchant, 25-year mechanical contractor from the bayview. and the only reason i'm here tonight is to support that gentleman that just came before you and supporting him in what he wants do with cpmc because my dealing with cpmc is a definite indication that they don't want no black folks on this project. we're talking about different
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agreements, development and so forth, but you you don't know that none of this work they're doing is going to be put out for a competitive bid nor is it subject to -- i had to deal with mr. lamb to deal with his 14% or whatever but i guess i'm not the right color because they don't want me but i want to come before you this evening and let you know that they discriminate and they do all they can unless you want to be a janitor or direct traffic and not be a mechanical contractor and be a part of their team that they have, you have to be chosen by them, it's no competitive bidding, it's none of that. you got to be a part of the team, a part of the paradigm and that's how you get to be a part of building this cpmc. i also want to bring up the subject of st. luke's hospital and dr. arthur coleman who did a
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heck of a lot for the bayview community but my time is up but i had a lot more to say. thank you. >> thank you, board and president chiu, my name is brian webster, president of the worker's resource in the mission district. we've been serving the working poor here in san francisco for 30 years and our board is made up of rank and file members of organized labor. we support the project and the jobs it will create. we echo the position of the san francisco building construction trades council and also of business and labor and community networks such as the alliance for jobs and sustainable growth.
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i don't know a lot -- i'm not expert on charity care but i can testify that cpmc does support community based organizations that serve the poor, including the instituto and other groups such as the bayview child health center. instituto has recently launched a web media portal called working media, on there is a healthcare channel and you can go to, click on the healthcare channel and you can see an amazing video about the bayview child healthcare center and the work being done there. i wanted to thank you for your time and we support the rebuilding of the cpmc and the jobs and sustainable growth and the healthcare that it will provide to the people of san francisco. >> mr. president, supervisors,
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north market tenderloin activist. i'm not just a community based service provider, stake driver, welfare pimp but i'm also a welfare queen. i bring to your attention critical issues that seem to be totally unnoticed by anyone else. i have noticed this board's willingness to engage with the concept of evidence-based decision making and considerations of the reality of our interventions and how we implement them. i believe that is where we are going to find the solution sets to our many problems all of which are present in my neighborhood, the tenderloin. i thank ross mirkarimi for being a leader and moving this board in that direction. for the tenderloin, there are specific health benefits, housing benefits, public safety benefits, yet if the goal is to bulk up the tenderloin to meet the objects of the project, the most obvious needs are not on the list.
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ask yourself what is not on the menu of community based service providers and yet is essential for the tenderloin to navigate through this project, current projects, what part of the tenderloin community is underrepresented today? most of my neighborhood activists are not here tonight. there is no avenue for them to evaluate or articulate wants and needs relative to this project as is normally the case. when i brought this issue to my supervisor, i found not only 0 interest of anything amiss with the agreement, there isn't even a communication basis to broach the issue. i don't care. i'm in the city of life and death where life expectancy is a decade below the national average which gives me personally what. there's a huge gap between identifying social problems, homicide, homelessness, low voter turnout and implementing solutions that are sustainable and politically defensible and
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don't run down the rat hole. i don't bring this to your attention as some kind of -- 99%. president chiu: thank you very much. >> as a a three decade veteran of the tenderloin who just happens to still be awake. >> good evening, supervisors, eric brooks, as usual, representing san francisco green party and the local grass roots organization, our city. i also live in district 6 one block away from the proposed new location of the cathedral hill hospital. there will be traffic nightmares. but what i want to get to is something that's much more fundamental that we haven't fleshed out yet and i will stand up here and oppose this project because what we are talking about is in the big picture, is a hospital chain that's going to build one massive hospital at
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one of the worst traffic jam locations in the city on two major corridors, deer and van ness, which is frequently blocked up, and make all of its other locations smaller so it can focus everything into that one big hospital, especially st. luke's and also be in competition with other satellite hospitals likely making them smaller and scaling them down eventually if they become this big massive competitor. and it's really ironic that in hearing after hearing, cpmc and its allies have gotten up and said how important this is for earthquake safety. well, the worst thing you can do in san francisco for earthquake safety is put all hospital services on one location that's going to get traffic jam while all the other hospitals around it and that it owns gets smaller and then there's a major earthquake or natural disaster like that. imagine what the problems that could cause.
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imagine that. so not only are all the other problems really crucial that everyone has brought up with this, that is fundamental, and especially that earthquake danger means that this hospital, this massive hospital, is not going to conform to the upcoming master plan that supervisor campos and wisely gotten us to prepare for so whatever it takes to pull this project out of the pipeline, legislation, something on the ballot, do it and make this hospital conform to that plan instead of going forward with this. >> good evening. president chiu, fellow supervisors, madam clerk, manny flores, local 22, carpenter's union. i want to commend the mayor's staff, the negotiating team. you did a hell of a job and it was a good presentation. but obviously, still more work
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to be done, some issues, but that goes along with the territory and it's really important to work and to work on these issues because a lot of good points were brought out tonight. supervisors, supervisor campos, and it's important, but you know, i think we're going to get there. i'm very confident, because this board knows how to get things done. and i tell you, first class healthcare center, that's what we need, that's what the city and county of san francisco needs and i know we're going to get there and also i want to say in closing, supervisor mirkarimi, i want to commend you and congratulate you on your new position coming up and i know we didn't see -- at times we didn't see eye-to-eye, but you know what, you were a straight shooter and i wish you well and with that in closing, thank you very much. >> thank you, good evening,
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president chiu and members of the board of supervisors. i'm warren brammer, c.e.o. of cpmc, and i will be brief because i know i am most of what is standing between you and a warm bed on a cold night. and i thank you for the opportunity to speak to you about our plans to rebuild cpmc and i want to thank mayor lee and the team for your diligent efforts and for staying this late, your work on this incredibly important project. it has been a long, long process, and it appears that even more work lies ahead. but i want to restate our commitment to reaching a development agreement that addresses the healthcare and safety needs of the people of san francisco. mayor lee and his team are tough negotiators. they've pushed us hard and though i think we're getting close, we have not yet reached a mutually acceptable agreement and we're working on it. i cannot overemphasize the importance of rebuilding cpmc. our project will double the number of earthquake safe
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hospital beds in the city, create thousands of jobs and workforce training opportunities, provide our local economy with a $1.9 billion boost without using taxpayer dollars, and improve the neighborhoods around all of our campuses. as you know, our plans include building two state-of-the-art seismically safe hospitals as part of our coordinated city system of care. at our st. luke's campus, we're going to build a $275 million full service hospital with an expanded e.r., new neuroscience institute at davies and at van ness and geary we're going to build a new hospital and emergency room to provide in had-patient medical and specialist care right in the heart of this city. and as been true for 150 years and we hope will be true for another 150 years, our facilities will literally be open who lives, works and visits in san francisco.
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thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, good night almost. i'm pea larshiavo. i'm from the nurse's association. thank you for sticking it out. this is such an important issue for our nurses and community coalition we are here in solidarity with today. just a couple of important points and to follow up on what steve wu said earlier, again, we support rebuilding cpmc the right way. we very much support jobs and jobs for san franciscans. but they're talking about 40 jobs a year. i mean, all of the folks who were here talking about work force development and education and training, they can swoop that up in a heartbeat and it's not nearly close to the jobs that are going to be created. you're talking about 4,000 new jobs and 6,000 existing jobs and
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they're talking about 40 jobs a year for only five years. and they can completely get out of the construction piece of local hire because of the collective bargaining agreement. so these are not local jobs that are guaranteed. these are not real san francisco jobs. and this is not meeting the real needs of unemployed san franciscans that needs to be filled right now. that's a major concern of ours. the other piece is that, you know, there's a lot of people talking about construction jobs and that's great and that's important and unfortunately we're on different sides with our brothers and sisters in the trades tonight but in addition to those trades jobs, what about the permanent jobs, the jobs that our nurses have been occupying for 30, 20, 40 years as their career. what about those jobs? there wasn't any discussion tonight about nursing degrees. you can have a two-year degree. that doesn't seem to be incorporated into the entry level jobs.
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if you can have a two-year degree, that's a whole bunch of other jobs that should be thought of when you're talking about the jobs that are being created. and the other piece of it is that this is a standard mode of operation for cpmc and sutter to shift responsibility to the city, that they are cutting services that are not profitable and putting it on general. they are not meeting their housing requirement, which is going to fall in the city budget. they're not meeting the traffic issues which is going to fall on the responsibility of the city. they're not meeting the healthcare needs of the community or jobs. president chiu: thank you. if there are any other members of the public that wish to speak in public comment, please line up now. >> mr. president, members of the board, my name is brad paul, as somebody who spent 40 years
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working in the tenderloin and south of market, i have seen, as you have, and see every day, the need for psyche beds in this city. cpmc is systematically reduced and eliminated psyche beds at st. luke's and i have not heard unless i am mistaken that there are any psyche beds in the current proposal. i hope you will not take this proposal seriously until you start hearing about larger numbers of psyche beds in their facilities because if they don't do it, that burden is going to fall more and more on san francisco general and the other hospitals and you see the need for these beds every day as you walk around this building. so i would urge you to make them put psyche beds back in st. luke's and back in their general facility, the new facility, because you cannot have a hospital in san francisco and claim it's open all the time to everyone and not have psyche beds. thank you.
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>> what you did today is very big mistake with me. you said in the beginning that you going to allow disabled to speak first but when i come in here, you refuse to let me speak and you let another chinese lady to speak. that is discrimination or favoritism. correct your mistake or buy one d.v.d. to see your mistake. i don't allow you to make mistake with us anymore from now on. you let the guys come two three time and people like us have heart attack, hard to embrace and lady here can give you copy of my health! try to be honest with us.
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president chiu: are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in public comment? colleagues, any final comments on this hearing? sorry, sir, do you want to speak in public comments? no, this is for cpmc. colleagues, would anyone like to make any closing comments? i'll just say a few words. i don't want to belabor this. i know there are many more issues we have to discuss around cpmc. but first of all, i want to thank all of the members of the public that waited very patiently for testimony tonight. i want to thank the city staff for all the hard work you're doing, the officials from cpmc for the work you're doing. i think from my perspective, there are a lot of issues that were raised and i know we will continue to have conversations, for me, i know, with regards to healthcare, i think there are many colleagues including myself that are concerned about the charity care levels, about ensuring that st. luke's role be viable over the next 20 years,
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about ensuring that the impact of our healthcare system will meet the goals that we set as we thought about a healthcare plan of the i know there have been questions raised around affordable housing, whether or not our city's affordable housing goals are being met according to our housing policy, transit issues. i look forward to receiving information from the m.t.a. to address whether the data and the numbers that were presented make sense as someone who actually goes through the van ness and geary intersection many days of the week, through gridlock. i am very curious about whether we'll be able to address the transit issues given how many new people we have. obviously, there have been questions raised around local hiring, the fact that this is a project that will create 4,000 jobs over the next 20 years, but according to community advocates, will really only guarantee 1% of that over a five-year time period. and then i know that many of us will be having conversations
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around the possibility and i think the importance of the c.b.a., not just to build community support, but this is a model that has worked really well with the hunter's point shipyard project and i know we will continue the conversation around this but i don't want to belabor the point. i want to thank everyone for coming out tonight and acknowledge supervisor campos who has closing comments. supervisor campos: thank you, mr. president. i want to echo everything you've said but the one thing i want to add to this is that i think the fact that so many questions were asked today does not mean that those of us who are asking the questions do not want to see this project built. to the contrary. we want to see this project built. and i hope that this is an opportunity for all of us to work together and i, once again, thank the staff for the negotiations and the great work that they're doing and once again, you know, extend the
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invitation to cpmc and sutter to recount to all of us here because we do want to see this done and i think we have a real opportunity and i think that it's an exciting opportunity and i think that this is possible if we work together pretty closely in the next few weeks. thank you. president chiu: supervisor mar? supervisor mar: i wanted to thank the staff for the tremendous presentations but also hope that the community coalition that was represented here today can be at the table. i strongly support a community benefits agreement but if that's not the approach, then do your best to make sure that the community coalition is engaged in quite a few of the aspects that were discussed today and like my colleagues, i also want to see a strong rebuild of cpmc but i want to see it done the right way as the coalition has said. thank you so much for being here. president chiu: with that, unless there is any objection, this hearing has been held and is filed. thank you, everyone.
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colleagues, we still have business to complete tonight so hopefully we can get through it relatively quickly. madam clerk, please call the next item, 46. clerk: item 46 was considered by the rules committee at a special meeting thursday december 8 at 1:25 p.m. and forwarded to the board as a committee report, the motion appointing supervisor cohen, term ending june 30, 2012, to the peninsula corridor joint powers board. president chiu: colleague, could we have a motion to excuse supervisor cohen. without objection, she shall be accused. roll call vote on this item. clerk: on item 46, supervisor elsbernd, aye. farrell, aye, kim, aye, mar, aye, mirkarimi, aye, weiner, aye, avalos, aye, campos, aye, president chiu, aye, supervisor
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chu, aye. there are 10 aye's. president chiu: the motion is approved. items 47. clerk: item 47 through 52 were considered by the rules committee at a special meeting on thursday december 8 at 1:30 and was forwarded to -- were forwarded to the board as committee reports. item 47 is an ordinance authorizing settlement of the lawsuit filed by patricia tanneato against the city and laguna honda hospital for $75,000, filed may 19, 2011. president chiu: roll call vote? clerk: elsbernd, aye, farrell, aye, kim, aye, mar, aye, mirkarimi, aye, weiner, aye, avalos, aye, campos, aye,
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president chiu, aye, supervisor chu, aye, supervisor cohen, aye. there are 11 aye's. president chiu: this ordinance is passed in first reading. clerk: item fret authorizing settlement of the lawsuit entitled mitchell engineering of bioshy organization versus the city and related cross actions by payment of $14,950 from the city to the mitchell engineering corporation. president chiu: this ordinance is passed in the first reading. clerk: item 49 approving the settlement of unlitigated claim filed by janet o'hara filed march 112011. president chiu: this resolution as adopted. clerk: item 50 authorizing settlement of unlitigated bond claim against travelers casualty and surety company of america
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item 51 motion appointing fernando marty, chris block, wendy phillips and oscar grande terms ending october 192013 to the eastern neighborhood citizen's advisory committee. president chiu: this motion approved. next item. clerk: item 52 is motion appointing jared cohen term ending november 19, 2012 or for the tenure of the current supervisor who nominated the member whichever is shorter in duration to the bicycle advisory committee. president chiu: this motion is approved. clerk: supervisor elsbernd first on roll call for introductions. supervisor campos. supervisor campos: thank you very much, madam clerk, colleagues. i'll try to be as brief as i can. the first item is that i am introducing today a proposed contract that begins the first phase of the city's community choice aggregation program. i want to thank the san francisco public utilities commission for all their work.
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i also want to thank my colleagues on the local agency information commission and in particular supervisor mirkarimi who has for many years been working on this matter. i look forward to having more in depth discussion with all of you and there will be an opportunity to fully vet this program but again we're excited that we're taking this step and i also want to acknowledge the work of so many people over the years who have made this possible including current assembly member tom amiamo as well as senator carol migden, mark leno. look forward to that discussion. the second point is that we are introducing today and i want to thank supervisor avalos for his co-sponsorship, a charter amendment on rank choice voting. i know that much has been said about the issue of whether or not we should keep rank choice voting and what this charter amendment does is that it


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